Friday, February 24, 2012

Ideas from class brainstorm yesterday

1.     Main Topics
a.     Copyright—what it is what limits to openness
b.     Profits from digital content
                                               i.     Creating things for free
c.      Advantages and disadvantages of digital openness
d.     Organizations that choose to go open and how that has impacted everything
e.     How to make more thing open
f.      Fun theory and gamification
g.     Build up the good and scope trying to find broken things to fix
h.     How to get information that is accurate
2.     Digital Topic alongside with digital topics
a.     Russian revolution—limiting the rights of the people—closed societies—not right to own things and it fell apart
b.     French revolution—the lack of order in a society
c.      Open science and the scientists who made it possible what societal openness has to do with progression in science
d.     Internet—access to information from all over the world… what if the internet wasn’t free
e.     Exploration of new medium—for the crazy or the genius
3.     Why Should I care about my major
a.     Everything is built across the backs of giants
b.     Reach--- topic to a larger audience
c.      Approaches to education--- how we can open education even more in reform professors… and form freshmen

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