Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kindle or Kindling

As I have been reading some books on a kindle reading platform I noted some interesting things that make the kindel format not very conducive to using it as a basis for reading a text that you would like to reference. My irritations are :
  1. No Page Numbers
    1. Which makes it rather hard to reference the text in a writing format (like a blogpost)
    2. Makes it hard to find your place if the program crashes unexpectedly in the middle of reading.
  2. View seems to be subjective...
    1. After three pages of nothing but figures that the text was referencing to I had to put the program "to sleep" before I got really frustrated with it
    2. While it's nice to be able to change to sepia or black on white or white on black, it seems bizarre to play with print as much
  3. It just doesn't act like a book.
    1. Pretending to flip pages is not the same as actually flipping them
    2. Reading for prolonged periods of time leave your vision slightly pink
While I do enjoy reading online texts on sources like, the kindel's format just frustrates me. However I do recognize that the switch from scrolls to books may have had a similar reaction from the initial consumers. I imagine their reactions being along the lines of you can't store it as tightly or the scripting looks all wrong.

What are all of your reactions with the kindle?

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